The Evhome Design concept

"Love as a principle and order as the basis; Progress as the goal."

- Auguste Comte -

Mastering of quality and aesthetics

Dedicated to yourliving space where charm and authenticityreign, EVHome aims to bring you innovative solutions, in keeping with new lifestyles and the latest technologies.

Striving for excellence, EVHome built a team of contractors that share the same values and standards: exclusivity, simplicity, ethics, performance, functionality and ergonomics.

EVHome’s highly skilled workforce combine innovation with aesthetics.

EVHome designs and assembles in France towel warmers and heating solutions for the highest quality demands.

Technology applied
to well-being

EVHome is focused on well-being, making your home a peaceful haven by integrating technology harmoniously.

With years of experience and know-how in connected devices, EVHome adorns prestigious sites with aesthetics and design. Warm light, sound and scent complete this unique offer.

With their commitment to excellence and as a new challenge, EVHome will develop a high tech concept for your home.

An environmentally
responsible approach

Planned obsolescence is now a reality. EVHome products are designed in such a way that lifetime is maximized.

Use of aluminum also provides an opportunity to recycle.

Our objective: Zero waste for the planet.


Free Thinking

EVHome controls the design and production process.

We design and assemble the towel warmers ourselves, under stringent quality criteria.

Accordingly, we only produce models which exhibit our spirit of excellence.


We are always endeavoring to push limits and enhance our products’ functionality and viabilityover time. Furthermore, we want distinguish ourselves at the forefront of innovation.

Quality and Craftmanship

Top Quality and Craftsmanship come as standardfor all EVHome designs.

EVHome has made acommitment to a standard of excellence in technical matters, style, coverings, and aesthetics.


EVHome designs and assembles under the sign of exclusivity, whether for our standard range or custom products. Our workshop enables us to produce quantities from around ten units to a few hundred units.

We can  also deliver on-demand creations. These creations become unique, precious objects of desire.


EVHome towel warmers are a prime example of our innovative aesthetics, and their refinement reflects our know-how. They are exceptional creations and their timeless  style will keep up with any trend.

All of our models combine personality and simplicity, elegance and distinction.


For the highest quality offer, EVHome supplies the best after-sales service and has a  long term commitment to service.

We are committed to our customers for the long term.